2/3 Good Homework Habits

Good working habits for 2/3
  • Homework is done independently. Students should be doing the work on their own, but it never hurts to have parents/guardians look over it before it’s turned in!
  • Writing homework is thoughtfully planned out before writing a rough draft. Students work is revised and edited before completion. Students are able to check their writing for capitalization errors, organization is in order, there is correct punctuation and correct spelling. We encourage students to use interesting introductions and intriguing conclusions that make our writing sound “finished.”
  • Math students are using their REFLEX math at least 4 days a week at 10-15 minutes each session. Students are thinking about how they can use their mathematical concepts by applying them to real life situations.
  • Students are reading independently each day and analyzing what they’ve read. It is important that they think about what they know about the character, why the author has chosen to write the story and infer what they think will happen from what has already happened in the story.
  • Students should be practicing their spelling at home by understanding their spelling rules and applying them in their writing.
  • Students are asked to type at home so they can become comfortable with technology used at home and at school.
Second and third graders are held accountable for the work they do at home and the work they turn in.