4/5 Good Homework Habits

For the 4/5 Student by Michelle Parks, Room 304 Teacher

  • Students should be reading each night to improve their literacy skills
  • An increased amount of testing is asked to be completed on computers therefore quick, efficient TYPING is a must! Students should be working on fine-tuning their typing skills and not simply using the ‘peck-and-find’ method.
  • Homework should be done independently but it’s okay to have a parent look over a completed assignment.
  • Math facts are still important! Students should constantly be practicing their math facts, whether you’re in the car, on a walk or at home. 
  • Have students find a quiet place to complete their homework. Make it theirs and load it up with supplies like pencils, paper, etc. 
  • Use the planner (if you have one). This will help the students organize their work and develop time management skills.