About the Steele Stallion Press

For those of you new to the Steele community, the Steele Stallion Press arrives via email every Thursday morning. It contains a weekly update from our principal, Kevin Greeley; school and PTA news; info about activities for Steele students and parents; and community news from neighborhood middle/high schools, rec centers, and so on (as such news pertains to Steele students). As needed, we also send out Steele Stallion Press Extras, which contain time-sensitive news.

The Steele Stallion Press and Extras are produced and edited by parent volunteers (Liz Marvan and Cynthia Swanson), who work with the school and PTA to ensure everyone knows what’s going on at Steele. If you have questions or feedback, please contact the editors at steelestallionpress@gmail.com. Thank you!