Art Supplies Needed

Welcome Back! Parents we are requesting art supplies this year due to the many consumables we use for our art program. Each team has a different list so please buy accordingly. All supplies will be used for entire class. Please drop off the supplies the first week of school in the art room, 003. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Please make sure to check out the new art sculpture. It is located on the Lafayette St. side of our school. On a side note I would highly recommend going to the Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit, it would be a great family, ending of the summer celebration. Take a picnic and enjoy.

Looking forward to a creative, thoughtful and fun artful year! Please stop by the art room and say hello.

Miriam Ungar
Steele Visual Arts Teacher

Visual Arts Supply List for 2014-2015 School Year

Grades K/1
12 set of Crayola markers
Crayola watercolor set
3 black sharpies
gum eraser
Bottle of Elmers whit glue 12oz.

Grades 2/3
charcoal pencil- 557-HB hard
gum eraser
3 black sharpies
1- sketch pad of mixed media paper
1-Bottle of Elmers Glue- white
set of colored markers
gum erase

Grades 4/5
charcoal pencil-557-HB hard
set of fine markers
3 Fine Sharpies
1- sketch pad of mixed media paper
gum erasers