Be Part of It

Here at Steele, we pride ourselves on our strong culture of volunteerism. Without support from Steele families and other advocates in the community, we wouldn’t be able to provide the same enriched learning experience that we do today.

Our mission is to create an enduring culture of volunteerism where all parents participate and work together to advance the goals of Steele Elementary.

Did you know:

  • Dozens of people help with our garden planting, weeding, harvesting, and clearing for the fall.
  • Parents help out in the classrooms each and every day with small groups, book sorting, field trips, classroom parties and all sorts of activities that make your student’s experience special.
  • It takes more than hundred people to coordinate and execute the Wash Park Home Tour every year which is one of our biggest fund raisers.
  • The School Carnival and Fall Fundraising Party require months of planning and even more people to set up and conduct the activities.
  • Real people make time for Steele when they participate in PTA programs: Steele fundraising events, family and student activities, classroom support functions. And we need to maintain the momentum.

In the same way we strive for 100% participation in the Stallion Fund, we hope to attain the same level of success with participation in community building and volunteerism at Steele.

By building a vibrant community of volunteerism, we will be able to model good behavior for our children, while supplementing the education they are receiving with the same level of socialization and community engagement.

We are excited to launch a new initiative starting in the Spring of 2015 to roll out more activities that we think will foster an enhanced sense of community. We will start by researching what kinds of activities families find most attractive for getting to know other families and becoming more involved at Steele. Then we will extend our rollout of community building into the Fall of 2015 by providing more opportunities at both the classroom level and the school level to support community growth. We will be spearheading parent get-togethers, more family playdates and other functions. If you would like to provide feedback or get involved, please reach out to Crissy Lucado at

But please remember that it takes a village. We are excited about creating more opportunity for our children and strengthening the bonds we enjoy here at Steele. It wouldn’t be the same without YOU!

How to Volunteer:

Steele is transitioning to a new volunteer website that also houses the Steele directory and store… Are you already registered for the online directory? If so, you have access to one-stop services that will enable you to access school contacts from any wireless device, quickly view and sign up for volunteer opportunities, and make school purchases, like your PTA membership.

Login to with your password, or click here to have your personal sign up link sent to your e-mail.

Volunteer at Steele. Be Part of It!