CMAS Information

I am excited to let you know that this is the last time I will be writing about our CMAS data from last year. This last installment of CMAS information highlights how different demographic groups performed and whether that group’s performance improved or declined from the year before. The demographics groups I have listed are: grade level, boys/girls, students of color, white students, Special Education Students (IEP), students who receive free or reduced lunch, and GT students. We did not include any sub-groups that have less than 15 students. Click here to see the details in a spreadsheet.

Some Highlights:
Our students of color and students who receive free or reduced lunch had significant gains on CMAS last year. This has been one of our school-wide goals the past two years. There is still a gap that we need to close; however we are encouraged by last year’s growth. It is important that Steele is a great school for ALL students. This is one reason we track this data.

We generally saw gains in every demographic. The two exceptions are 5th grade math (although as a group of 5th graders they scored much higher than they did as a group of 4th graders) and our IEP students in Literacy (this group of students had significant gains in math). Overall, there is a lot to celebrate.

The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) and staff have talked about what we believe has helped see increases over the last 4 years in regards to testing. First, we have an incredibly strong school community where students feel safe to make mistakes and parents are involved and support teachers and students. Secondly, our teachers have committed themselves to Professional Development in and out of Steele that has helped them grow their practice. Our teachers embody the term, “Lifelong learners.” Lastly, we have developed/grown a collaborative culture where we share student successes and struggles so we can learn from one another.

I know that students are much more than test scores and I always feel a little like a robot when I share data as much as I have the last month. However, tests are one indicator of how we are doing as a school. Our students have shown growth on the state test each of the last 4 years, that is something that we can all take pride in. It speaks to the dedication and care that we all have for our students.

Thanks for all that you do to make Steele great!

-Kevin Greeley