Community Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have an opportunity to expand and enrich our existing community with a sister school relationship with Ellis Elementary School, located just 3.5 miles from Steele. As this relationship grows, you will see all kinds of new collaborations forming, stay tuned to the Steele Stallion Press for details. We are eager to connect across cultures, backgrounds, and languages and get acquainted with our neighbors. We hope you will join us in creating a strong community together.

Details about the Partnership
Parents and staff from Steele and Ellis are creating a sister school relationship, with a foundation rooted in community, collaboration and intention. Our objectives are to:

  • Foster community building through sharing assets and resources
  • Develop programming that supports a greater understanding of culture and diversity
  • Expand perspectives through both student and parent involvement

Some of the ways we are looking to achieve this are:

  • A pen pal program. Some of our Steele classrooms are partnering with classrooms at Ellis in communicating throughout the year in a pen pal program. The students will meet at some point(s) during the year.
  • Shared Community Events such as the Steele Carnival and Dance and Ellis International Day.
  • School support activities like mural painting and garden clean up.
  • Helping build capacity for the Ellis PTA, partnering with information that
    has benefited the Steele PTA as well as investing in existing DPS programming for funding.

An additional benefit of this partnership is the opportunity for our families to develop relationships in elementary school that will continue to expand through middle school. Both Ellis and Steele are feeder schools to Merrill Middle School.

The Opportunity – Shared Resources, Enriched Community
The teacher strike in February 2019 taught us many lessons, among them is that
support and resources are not the same throughout Denver Public Schools. As
one of our closest elementary school neighbors, Ellis has vastly different
resources available for their staff, families, and students. For example, the
average free and reduced lunch population statewide is 35%, at Steele it’s 6%,
and at Ellis it’s 86%. Both the Steele and the Ellis communities are vibrant,
strong, and engaged in supporting staff, families, and children. This partnership
represents an opportunity to expand our definition of community to include one
another and share our resources so that all of our children reach their dreams.

Get More Involved
Contact Ali Sweeney at for more information about how
you can support this partnership.