Composting Update

Over the past month, we have been working hard to implement a compost collection program at Steele. Every day, volunteer “Compost Monitors” help students sort their lunchroom waste into recyclables (such as bottles, cans, and milk cartons) and compostable items (such as leftover food scraps, paper lunch trays and non-recyclable paper like napkins and paper towels). Each week, Denver Solid Waste Management collects the compostable items and transports them to a local composting facility where they are transformed into a beneficial soil amendment called compost. The compost produced is used in local agriculture and landscaping projects to create healthy soil. By composting, not only is food waste being reused, it is also prevented from taking up space at the landfill and creating harmful greenhouse gases as it decomposes.

Prior to composting, we were producing over 5 bags of trash each day during lunch! Since starting our composting program on August 27, we are averaging between ⅓ and ½ of a bag of trash per day! WOW!

Try to have waste reduction conversations at home, ask your child what items they are recycling and composting at school, and encourage them to be more aware of what items that they throw into the trash. Also, you can join your child during lunch one day or sign up at to be a Compost Monitor to see how this exciting new program works!

Steele is striving to create a model of environmental stewardship for other schools and students to follow by showing how easy it is to recycle and compost. All it takes is a little teamwork! Please help us integrate environmental values into our school culture. Plus, your family can instill these values at home by participating in the residential Denver Composts program! Call 311 or visit DenverGov.Org/GoGreen for more information.