Steele Elementary Collaborative School Committee (CSC)

CSC Mission:Our mission is to create an environment for our community in which the educational, social, and emotional needs of all Steele students are successfully served.  This is accomplished by being proactive in anticipating these needs and creating solutions.  We work together to provide for the short- and long-term direction and are an accountability group for our school.

Based on this charge, the CSC role is accountability focused on the following areas:

The CSC duties include:

  1. Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) (Achievement Data, Goal Setting, Strategies, and Implementation) UIP Documents
  2. Staffing Allocations – Assist the principal by making recommendations concerning the use of the staffing allocations provided to the school by the Board of Education
  3. Annual School Budget – Reviewing and approving the annual school budget according to district guidelines that supports the objectives of the UIP
  4. Calendar and/or Schedule – Making recommendations related to achieving school goals
  5. Academic Issues (including related policies and procedures) – Gather input from Steele parents, teachers, and community members and discuss and make recommendations on academic issues as appropriate

The CSC will not:

  1. Participate in the day-to-day operations of the school.
  2. Be involved in issues relating to individuals (staff, students, or parents) within the school.
  3. Be involved in personnel issues (School Personnel Committee will stand alone in the current DPS/DCTA contract).

Specific Details on the CSC duties and responsibilities are outlined in the following documents: