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Name CSC Position
Kevin Greeley Staff Member – Principal
Jen Olson Parent Member
Nikki Dawson Parent Member
Leah Fischer Parent Member
Erica Spoor Parent Member
Miriam Ungar Staff Member
Marlene DeFranco Staff Member
Trevor Morris Staff Member
Allison Lantz Staff Member

Contact Us:

The CSC welcomes your suggestions, questions, and concerns.  Please contact Kevin Greeley.

CSC Make-up and Selection Process

The CSC is an elected school-based advisory board at Steele Elementary School.  Members of the CSC serve a 2-year term and include the principal, 4 Teachers, 4 Parents, 1 classified employee, and a Business/Community Representative.

  • The principal of the school;
  • Four (4) teachers, elected by majority vote of the faculty in the school
  • Four (4) parents or guardians of a student enrolled in the school, elected by majority of voting parents with children in the school;
  • One (1) classified employee, elected by majority vote of the classified employees in the school
  • One (1) business/employer or community representative from the local community nominated by a member of the CSC and approved by the other members of the CSC;

Elections for Parent and Teacher positions are held each year with two positions in each group being elected.  This ensures that there will be at least two members from these groups with a previous years’ experience to ensure continuity on the committee.