Destination Imagination Globals

One Steele team and four teams with former Steele students traveled to Knoxville last week to compete in the DI Global Tournament:

  • Steele’s Nashville or Bust team (Tatum Cargile, Adam Binford, Ethan Michel, Sara Goodhue, Brynn Barlow, and Charlie Swanson) took 18th out of 83 teams in their challenge.
  • The Merrill team, Six Musketeens (Luc Cornier, Brielle Cornier, Annie Welch, Ben Mayer, and Fin Burnett), placed 26th out of 90 teams in their challenge.
  • From DSST Byers, the Cannibalistic Carrots (including Weston Ferguson and Wyat Stephens) placed 19th out of 90 in their challenge.
  • DSA’s Federal Bureau of Improvisation (including Claire Peshut and Grace MacDonald) took first place out of 90 in their challenge.
  • An independent team, the Junkyard Wonders (including Juliana Dickson, Harrison Cymbala, Claire Chahbandour, Maren Strother, Lillian Swenson, Peter Fronczak, and Carter Martin), placed 38th out of 81 in their challenge.

All TWENTY-TWO (!!) Stallions are shown below in Knoxville with drama teacher and DI master Lane Miller. Congrats to all!