My goal in drama is to develop confident public speakers, great team collaborators, and a rich sense of storytelling. Our focus in drama is on creativity, collaboration, presentation skills, and audience awareness. My goal is that by the time children leave Steele, they have the confidence to speak in public, the skills to understand their audience, and the courage to take creative risks.

All students will do a theatrical performance.

The Kindergarten/1st will start with a storytelling unit, where they will learn characterization, how to collaborate, and the basics of acting. They will then move into stations, where they will work together telling stories, re-enacting stories, building mini-sets, creating story lines, and exploring puppetry.

The 2/3 grade classes will learn about characterization and creating scenes. They will learn the basics of directing a personal story in our Bumps, Bruises, Scars, and Scratches unit. They will be introduced to script reading and will read and produce several short skits. They will also be introduced to script writing.

The 4th and 5th grades will work with pantomime, improvisation, script writing, and puppetry. In the puppetry unit, they will turn fairy tales and folk tales into original scripts. Many classes will rehearse, audition for, and attend the Denver Public School’s Shakespeare Festival, the largest school Shakespeare Festival on the planet!

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