Dreamtime Sculpture Update

Work on the Dreamtime Sculpture is well under way. You may have noticed that concrete has been poured. Wonderful weather has made this possible along with help from the Michael Cain Construction Company. Ms. Julianna’s class watched the pour and were amazed that 6,000 lbs of concrete were used to create the body of the snake.

Please note that each classes tile pictures will be on the art website as the students carve their tiles for the next step of the Dreamtime Sculpture. Eric Dallimore and Jared Anderson are instructing the students on the process of creating the sculpture and how
the tiles will be made. Updates will follow after spring break. Please reserve Thursday,May 7th for the Annual Steele Art show from 6:00 to 8:00P.M.

Miriam Ungar
Steele Visual Arts Teacher