Drop off/Pick up Procedures

Drop off/Pick up Procedures for First Day and Beyond!
Arrival Information:
Kiss and Drop Zone: The Kiss and Drop Zone is at the front of the building on the east side of S. Marion. It encompasses the entire block. When taking advantage of the Kiss and Drop Zone, you will pull up and drop your child off. Please do not park in this lane and do not get out of your car here. It causes congestion and is unsafe for students, motorists, and pedestrians.

Supervision Before School: Steele Staff will provide supervision on the playground beginning at 7:55 am. Please do not drop your child off before 7:55 am, as there will be no supervision at this time.

Inclement Weather: If necessary due to inclement weather at drop-off time, students go to the cafeteria. However, we try to be outside as often as possible. Please have your children dressed appropriately for the weather.

Students in the building before 8:10 need to be accompanied by an adult, unless they’re in the cafeteria.

First Bell: The first bell will ring at 8:10am to signal for the students to line up with their teacher. When you meet your teacher at the Popsicle Social, the teacher will tell you where this spot is. The teachers will escort the students into their classrooms and begin the day. (If you can’t make it to the Popsicle Social, there will be many adults outside to help on the first day of school.)

Tardy Bell: The second bell will ring at 8:15am.

Arrival After 8:15am: (or if your class has already gone inside), please enter through the front door. All doors are locked for safety and security reasons at 8:15. Please ring the buzzer and the office staff will open the door for you. Once inside, please go straight to the main office and check in. This applies to both adults and students. It is important for us to know who is in the building at all times in an effort to keep our students and staff safe. Please do your best to arrive before 8:15am so that your child has time to prepare for the day.

Dismissal Information:
Dismissal Bell rings at 3:00pm. After school, you must park your car and meet your child at the designated meeting spot for his/her class. There is no drive up option when picking children up after school.

Visiting School: Please remember when visiting school you must sign in at the office and get a Visitor’s Badge. This is required for the safety of our students.