Emergency Plans at Steele

Some one recently told me that 9 news has been asking parents to contact them if they are concerned that their school does not have an Emergency Plan. I realized that this is not something that I explicitly communicate to parents and wanted to ensure everyone that we do have an emergency plan in place. If there is an intruder in the building we go into lockdown, hiding in our respective classrooms and staying out of sight. We have started practicing this on a monthly basis. If we were to evacuate, we have two schools that we would walk to, depending on the easiest direction to move during an evacuation, one school is to the Southwest; the other is to the Northwest. We also have people assigned to various roles to make sure that a re-union with parents would go smoothly. All DPS schools share their emergency plan with DPS Safety and Security. If you have questions or concerns about our emergency plan, please set up a time to chat with me. Keeping your child safe is always our first priority.

-Kevin Greeley