Through the Steele Garden, students participate in activities to understand the benefits of food literacy.  This year, classrooms will be given a chance to plant a vegetable garden, learn about soil quality and composting methods, to study bees and pollination, look at the role of worms and insects in gardens, and learn farming techniques.

SPREE (South Platte River Environmental Education) Each year SPREE takes Steele students of all ages down to the South Platte River to learn about, experience, and enjoy the river.

Balarat Balarat Outdoor Education Center provides instruction to DPS students in environmental studies, Western history, and outdoor leadership skills.

Science Fair Steele is hosting a school wide science fair for students of all ages.

Turkey Trot Steele’s annual race around the school track on the day that Thanksgiving lunch is served in the cafeteria.

9 Health Fair Onsite version of the health fair for students.

Field Day Steele’s annual school-wide day of games, sports, exercise and fun!

Young Ameritowne Program (with the Young Americans Center for Financial Education) Students in the intermediate grades learn about business, economics, government, banking, and free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. The program culminates with a day at the Young American’s Bank operating a 17-business town.

Steele Student Leadership Students elect representatives who meet weekly to discuss school issues and projects.