Social Studies

All Grades

  • Colorado Project
  • Create a 3D geographic map of Colorado. Try to add all the mountain ranges, major rivers, the plains and high mountain parks.  Your map should have features like:  Grand Mesa, the Front Range, the Elk Range, the Rio Grande River, South Park, etc.  Try to be as accurate as possible.  As usual, turn your project into Mr. Miller.
  • Geography State Names Challenge
  • Photo Journal

3rd, 4th, 5th Grades

  • Rights and Responsibility Challenge
  • Create and produce a training video that teachers can use the first day of school to teach the Steele Code to students. Your video should use the Steele Code as its guiding force. Your video can:
    Show how to behave in the hallways.
    Show how to address a conflict between people.
    Show how to behave in the cafeteria.
    Any idea you may have.