Science Fair






Science Fair – Key Dates!

The Steele Science Fair will be held on January 11, 2017. Below are key dates:

  • 12/15 (Thurs): Deadline for students committing to participate:
  • When students have decided they want to participate in this year’s fair, please email: Student name, student grade, Classroom/teacher, and contact email address to

  • 01/09 (Mon): Project titles due
  • 01/11 (Wed), auditorium: Science Fair!

Tri-fold poster boards ARE available in the office for $4. Click here for a basic overview on how to get started with your science fair projects.

Do you have questions? Contact

See below for DPS links and guidelines.

DPS Links

Below are some links from DPS that could be helpful during the creation of your science fair project. The only form that is necessary is the DISPLAY BOARD LABEL, that needs to be attached to the BACK of your project board: upper left corner. This file can be printed from the guideline packet below. There will also be some at the schools front office. The judging rubric (also below) is a nice way to see how our judges and the districts will score the projects.

K-5 Science fair DPS guidelines packet:

The DPS science fair website updated for 2017:


Online sites to help you continue your scientific exploration and practice are:

  • Science Buddies - this site has an online quiz that can help your student decide on an area of interest, a level of difficulty and make suggestions for projects (including supply lists) – A Parent’s BEST buddy!
  • Discovery Education - a nice step-by-step guide to going from idea to submission
  • 40 cool science experiments - a fun list of all different projects – at all different levels
  • Thirst for Science - some videos to get the creative juices flowing
  • Car and Vehicle Science Experiments – experiments focusing on ideas of motion and rest, force and friction, and action and reaction