From the Principal

Dear Steele Families,

It’s hard to believe September is coming to a close! The cooler temperatures and the changing colors that come with the fall season make this my favorite time of year!

After analyzing assessment results, student work samples, and our own instructional practices, we have identified two professional goals for this year:

To implement clear routines, procedures and expectations in order to create a safe, supportive environment where students have the greatest opportunity to learn and grow. Our progress will be measured in multiple ways, including: student satisfaction survey results, student achievement, student attendance and behavioral referrals. Here are three ways we plan to achieve this goal:

  • Continue to strengthen the implementation of our Steele Code.
  • Continue to devote time to the social and emotional growth of our students.
  • Create opportunities for students to be leaders of their own learning through reflection, goal setting, and monitoring their own progress.

To strengthen our instructional practices in an effort to provide rigorous learning opportunities that result in deeper student learning and increased student achievement. Our progress will be measured by the quality of student work and student performance on various assessments. Here are three ways we plan to accomplish this goal:

  • To work toward a common understanding of rigorous learning for all students.
  • To invest time and energy in executing effective instructional strategies designed to provide rigorous learning for students.
  • To provide students with more opportunities to engage in a productive struggle, to explain their thinking, and to reflect on their learning by asking themselves: What am I doing well? What could I improve? What is challenging for me?

Many of our students have been setting goals relative to our Steele Code, as well as academic goals. Take a few minutes to ask what your child’s goals are and how you might be able to support his/her effort to achieve his/her goals.

In the next week, you will be scheduling your Parent Teacher Conferences. Thank you in advance for making this a priority. Teachers and students are so excited to share the products of their hard work!
Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership.