From the Principal

Dear Steele Families,

The time between Thanksgiving and Winter Break can be challenging for everyone, especially our students. This is such an exciting time of year! We want to thank you in advance for encouraging your child to continue to work hard right up until December 20. Every day of learning matters, so we will be working hard to create learning opportunities that will keep students engaged for the next three weeks.

December 4th is COLORADO GIVES DAY! Please consider supporting our school with a tax deductible donation. Please ask your employer if they match donations!

Here are great ways for you to stay connected and be ‘in the know’ for what’s happening at school:

  • Stay connected- Stallion Press, Facebook, Website, Class Newsletter
  • Engage in school-wide events (Turkey Trot, Carnival, student performances, etc)
  • Ask your student about his/her Highs and Lows of the day or week. Follow this up by asking, “What made your Highs so great and what are you able to do to improve your Lows?”
  • Attend PTA and/or CSC meetings
  • Have a conversation with your student about his/her academic goals and Steele Code goals
  • Check out
  • Sign up for Parent Portal at

Are you concerned about your child’s electronics use and social media activity?
Here is a link you might find helpful: SMART TALK. This resource is the result of a collaborative effort between National PTA and LifeLock. SMART TALK helps to create an interactive contract between parents and their children for electronics use and social media activity.

Another resource available to families is Bark. Bark is an electronic monitoring app which parents can use to monitor their children’s email, text messages, and all social media activity. It sends notifications only when concerning activity pops up – for example– cyberbullying, depression/suicide, profanity, potential online predators, etc. I have not personally used this APP; however, I wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to check it out.

Have a wonderful weekend!