Get Your Grocery Card – Steele Gets 5% Back!

King Soopers and Safeway give 5% back to Steele when you buy groceries with a reloadable gift card. It’s easy and fast – when you go grocery shopping, you just tell the cashier that you want to add money to a gift card, then add as much money as you like using whatever form of payment you prefer (even your credit card), and pay for your groceries using the gift card. Every time you add money to your card, Steele gets 5%. Get your card in the school office. Each card costs $5 and has been pre-loaded with $5 for you to spend at King Soopers or Safeway. If every family at Steele used these cards to buy their weekly groceries, we would raise $50,000 for the school every year. You can buy reloadable cards for anyone in your life who shops at King Soopers or Safeway!