Halloween Parade and Food Drive – Oct 31st

The Steele Halloween Parade will take place on Halloween, Monday October 31. Students should come to school in their costumes and report to their classes as normal. At 8:30, we will head outside; Coach Welch will blast music and our students will do laps around the track. After 20-30 minutes, classes will head back inside to have their Halloween parties. Afterward, students will change out of their costumes and we will resume with a “normal” day. Parents, please join us for the parade; it’s a great community-building event where we get to enjoy being together and our students get to show off their creativity and spirit.

Students Get a Chance to Judge Staff!
We are adding a new event to our Halloween celebrations this year. The Steele staff will compete in a pumpkin-decorating contest and we want students to be the judges! Students will be allowed to vote for the best pumpkin by placing a canned or dry food item in a box under each pumpkin. The pumpkin with most items underneath it wins. This will support a student council fundraiser in which Thanksgiving baskets are being donated to charity. The pumpkins will be set up in the lunchroom and students will vote during lunchtime.