Havana Nights: An Amazing Evening

“Grateful” seems like such a small word to describe how I felt as I stood in middle of our Havana Nights party, watching all of you at your very best. Our community is a powerful thing. My deepest, most sincere thanks to all of our volunteers, donors, bidders, and party animals! Because…YOU BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER!

A video “Thank You!” from our Principal, faculty, PTA and students.

Be sure to view the Stallion Fund video shown at Havana Nights!

The Nitty Gritty: Our NET proceeds to the Stallion Fund this year are estimated at $97,000! Your generosity is, to date, unsurpassed.

Volunteers: Approximately 740 volunteer hours x $7.25 (minimum wage) = $5,365. Please do something special for the volunteers in your life. Every tank needs a refill now and then.


Where is My Event? In the coming days, our follow-up teams will begin to link winners with donors so that event/party dates can be set or confirmed. Keep an eye on your Inbox!

Anything Left? Items that were not purchased at Havana Nights are now available for purchase online. Simply click on “Online Items” and away you go!

Am I Famous? Check out the paparazzi snaps! Post your own to #steelestallions. It’s not too late!

Viva la Steele Elementary!

Yours Faithfully,
Amy St John, Havana Nights Chairperson