Jump Rope for Heart Wrapping Up

Thank you to all of the students who joined our Steele team for Jump Rope for Heart. Coach Welch will be finishing our event by collecting the remaining envelopes this week and next. If you collected cash or checks, please turn them into Coach Welch’s office or box in the main office. Please fill out all of the info on the envelope so your child will get credit for their total amount and the correct thank you gifts can be ordered.
Friday, March 4th will be the last day to turn in your envelope before Coach Welch places Steele’s dog/thank you gift order on
March 5th. Generally it takes AHA 3-4 weeks to fill and ship our order.
Our students have been jumping single, partner, long, team, double-dutch, and Witch’s Hat styles for the entire month of February. Our jumping bonanza (to celebrate the completion of JRFH 2016) having all sorts of jumping stations, will be held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday March 2nd- 4th. Thanks again to everyone who helped the fight against heart disease and strokes.