K/1 Configuration Change FAQs

I’d like to thank all of the parents who were able to attend Tuesday night’s informational meeting about the switch to straight kindergarten and 1st grade classes next year. We had about 30 people in attendance including three teachers and me. There were two questions that came up the most often.

The first was, “How will classes be decided for next year?” Below is the rough draft of our plan.

  • In April, I will decide which three teachers will teach kindergarten next year and which three teachers will teach first grade. I will do this with teacher input; we will consider a variety of factors when making this decision.
  • Current kindergarten students (next year’s first graders) will stay with their current teacher if the teacher is one of the three who will teach first grade next year.
  • For the students moving up to first grade next year but whose current teachers will be teaching kindergarten next year, we will send home informational forms, allowing parents to provide information about their children before we place them in a class. We will look at a variety of factors when placing students. We will then place students and let parents know who their child’s teacher will be next year.

The second question I want to address is: “Will the new configuration endanger our partnership with Stanley British Primary School?” The short answer is that it will not. They partner with other schools that are not multi-age. We have excellent teachers who are great mentors for student interns. In addition, we are committed to the same values that we have always been:

  • Educating the whole child
  • Teaching students how to learn from one another
  • Interdisciplinary projects that connect students and learning with the world around them.

I still plan on answering questions about this change at our next PTA meeting. I look forward to speaking with you as we move forward in the best interest of our students.

Thanks for all you do!