Aaron Eigler began his music teaching career at Steele in 2016-17. Aaron graduated from the Stanley British Primary Teacher Program in 2015 and worked as a second educator in Ms. Tiffany’s room during the 2015-16 year. Read more about Aaron here.

Music classes in Kindergarten and 1st are involved in learning to keep a steady beat by using body percussion: patting, clapping, walking the beat and moving to the beat and tempo of the music.  Speech exercises and echo clapping are used to feel the beat.  Students learn to sing alone and with others matching pitches of the melody through seasonal songs and children’s songs.  Listening to a variety of music and musical stories exposes children to the instruments of the orchestra and great composers.

Music classes in 2nd and 3rd learn to read and write simple rhythms, basic melodic notation of the pentatonic scale, and to feel the beat.  Seasonal songs teach children music skills.  Students continue to learn about the great composers and instruments of an orchestra using videos, charts, and books.

Music classes in 4th and 5th read and play rhythms and melodies using recorders in a recorder unit, drums in a drum unit, and Orff instruments used to accompany singing.  Units are taught on composers, instruments of an orchestra, multicultural music, and music appreciation.

Colorado Department of Education Music Standards