Old Knee High Socks Needed!

National Archery in the Schools Program is Beginning – Old Knee High Socks Needed!
Thanks to our Steele PTA and The Colorado Division of Wildlife, our 4th and 5th graders are beginning their learning into the sport of Archery. We are beginning by studying the parts of the bow, arrow, and targets. We’ll talk about the history and present uses of bows in modern times and learn how to use a string bow to practice our 11 steps for success. Finally, we’ll enjoy the actual shot and reflection/strategy of target shooting for fun as well as learning about scoring. I used last Monday to set up the range and to make sure our equipment and space was ready and safe.

My Basic Archery Instructor suggested we provide students with bow arm protection – so the string does not scrape the inside of the students arm after the release. He shared with me that many programs use socks with their feet cut off as an arm sleeve. I’m asking the Steele community to donate any pairs of used knee high socks to our program you have laying around the house. No problem if the socks have holes in the feet, they’ll be cut off anyway! Any and all sizes welcome. I’ll locate a bin in the front office to drop them in.
I’m excited to begin teaching archery to your children. Archery is another great life-long sport to add to their tool box of health. We’ll be able to watch official Olympic Archery Events this summer in Rio with added appreciation. Thank you again for your support of our program.

-Tim Welch