PARCC Results Released

The long anticipated release of last year’s PARCC assessment is finally here. I wanted to take a quick moment to review Steele’s scores and talk about what they mean. Overall, we have some celebrations and we also have some areas to grow. The graphs below show our schools proficiency levels in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. In the first graph I have shown our schools overall proficiency rate and compared them to the district and state proficiency levels. This graph also shows our Percentile ranking in DPS for the 2015 PARCC assessment and compares it to our 2014 DPS TCAP Percentile ranking. As you can see there was a slight increase in ELA and we stayed the same in math. I am hoping to get a trend report on that data set in the near future.

Participation Rate School % Met or Above District % Met or Above State % Met or Above Percentile Rank 2015 PARCC (DPS) Percentile Rank 2014 TCAP (DPS) Change in Percentile Rank
ELA (3-5) 97.4 68.6 31.9 40.2 93 90 +3
Math (3-5) 97.4 66.8 26.4 The state does not compute this 94 94 0

The next graph breaks down how we did in each specific grade level:

Demographic Category ELA % Met or Above Math % Met or Above
Overall 68.6 66.8
3rd Grade 69.6 75.9
4th Grade 63.9 60.2
5th Grade 73.4 64.1

This is meant to be a snapshot for you to get a quick glimpse into how Steele did on PARCC last year. I know that your greatest concern is how your own child did. DPS will be sending individual student scores to Steele in early January. I am able to download Individual Student Reports from the Pearson website and have decided to send those home with your child next week. You have waited long enough for these results.

As always we will use this data to analyze our next steps as a school. In general, these proficiency rates are much lower than scores we have seen at Steele in the past. This is true for all schools across the district and state. We will continue to challenge our students and help them become critical thinkers who can analyze texts, solve complex problems and communicate in a variety of ways. I am proud of our teachers and students for their hard work and look forward to continued improvements on these new state assessments. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Kevin Greeley