PARCC Testing Complete

PARCC testing is officially over….for now.

“How can they give a test if they can’t even spell park (PARCC) right?” A student in Ms. Natalie’s class.

All of the make-up tests, dances, raps and songs are officially over for the first round of PARCC testing. Our students will take an End of Year PARCC exam in late April and early May. Standardized tests are disrupting to a school schedule. We have to alter our lunches, change our specials around and generally give up one and half hours of instruction for the grade level that is testing that day.

With that being said, I was incredibly impressed with the focus on teaching and learning throughout the building during this last testing period. Teachers developed creative lessons for students when the other half of their class was testing (4th grade lessons when 5th graders were testing etc.,). In addition classes worked hard during non-testing times and kept things as normal as possible so that student learning was not interrupted.

As we wrap up the first round of testing I truly believe that the tests were more stressful for the adults, teachers and parents, than they ever were for the kids. The staff did a great job of making this a fun event and an even better job of continuing to make learning a priority.

-Kevin Greeley