Parent Satisfaction Survey Update

I’d like to thank all parents who filled out their Parent Satisfaction Surveys earlier this month. We’ll get the results from those surveys in the beginning of next school year. In September, the Collaborative School Committee (CSC) will review those results and share a report with the Steele community.

Unfortunately, due to confusion with the School Performance Framework, we did not look at last year’s results until April of this year. I want to share some of last year’s highlights with you. Hopefully we’ll have just as many to share next year!

General overall positive responses was 88% in 2014 and 91% in 2015

In 2015:

  • 95% of Steele families would recommend Steele to another family (a 2% increase)
  • 97% of Steele families said that the school makes them feel welcome (a 3% increase)
  • 98% of Steele families said that Steele is a safe place for their child to learn (a 4% increase)
  • 96% of Steele families said that they had confidence in the staff at Steele (a 6% increase)

The greatest need for growth was in providing training and workshops for parents. Only 44% of Steele families said that they were satisfied with the workshops and training offered. This is an area we obviously want to grow in.

Based on the survey we sent out a few weeks ago, parents were most interested in classes that address using technology safely in the home, as well as Love & Logic classes. Multiple parents also mentioned a class titled “Parenting Safe Children” by Feather Berkower. We’ll look into these options for next year.

-Kevin Greeley