Parent-Teacher Conferences/Report Cards

Throughout the month of February, our teachers will be holding parent-teacher conferences for students who are below grade level or are struggling in other areas of school. Unfortunately, we are not able to do conferences for an entire class at this time. Conferences for an entire class can take anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete, and this does not include hours of preparation time in advance. Since the district does not give our teachers a compensation day for conferences in February, we are unable to have class-wide conferences.

We value communication and have a plan to ensure that all parents have pertinent information about their children at this time of year. Report cards will be sent home on February 27. If you did not have a conference with your child’s teacher this month, you will receive either comments on the report card or a summary sheet (similar to the one that you receive at conferences) that provides further details about your child’s progress.