Parking Reminder

I wanted to send out some reminders about parking. I am seeing some dangerous behavior and want to make sure that we act in a way that keeps all of our students safe.

Please Don’t:

Park in the kiss and drop zone in front of the school in the morning. This creates a hazard for students whose parents are using the area for its intended purpose. This takes up the majority of space in front of the entire school. If you would like to walk your child to the playground or in the building you will need to park across the street or on another block.

Park in or behind the Disabled parking in the Staff Parking lot. This is for people with disabilities, it is not okay to park there for even a second, be considerate. If you don’t have a disability walk the extra distance and be grateful that you are able to.

Park next to the median on the east side of South Marion. This is also a safety concern for students. In addition we need to keep this road clear for emergency vehicles. We’d all feel bad if someone’s house burned down or someone was injured because a fire truck couldn’t pass through.

Park in the bus zone. Our buses need this area to pick up our kids.

I want to kindly ask that everyone follow these simple rules. I know parking is tough but if one person believes they are special and above these rules it ruins it for everyone else. I know not everyone knows these rules; I also know most of us do and most of us follow them.

Every time I have to write a message about parking or go out and patrol the parking area it takes me away from either working with kids, planning with teachers or working on meaningful ways to improve our school, that I know everyone cares so much about. Thanks for your help.

-Kevin Greeley