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Achievement Percentile Rank Report

DPS School Performance Framework

2015-2016 Performance/Awards/Successes Overview

  • Steele PARCC English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 School Year Score Comparison

  • Literacy 2014/2015 Literacy 2015/2016 Math 2014/2015 Math 2015/2016
    3rd Grade 69.6% 76.4% 75.9% 81.9%
    4th Grade 63.9% 77.9% 60.2% 62.3%
    5th Grade 73.4% 71.6% 64.1% 73%
    Overall 68.6% 75.1% 66.8% 72.3%
  • Piloting a new curriculum in grades K-3.

  • 90% of our K-through-3 students had “at or above grade level” reading scores, according to DRA assessments. (These are assessments where students read and respond to literature.) This is up from 84% the year before.

2016-2017 Goals

  • Expand the Teacher Leader Program to ensure that we have systems at Steele for Distributive Leadership
  • Implement new math and literacy curricula in grades K-through-3
  • Ensure continued focus on challenging students and working collaboratively to meet student needs
  • Help students develop critical thinking skills, so that they can actively engage in their world and have an equal voice in our school community