Room Parents

The school’s room parents support community and communication at Steele Elementary.  Two or more parents in each classroom help their child’s teacher with tasks that could include organizing classroom parties, updating the classroom website and sending out a monthly email with classroom news to families.  At the beginning of the school year, the classroom teacher meets with their room parent volunteers to determine what level of assistance they would like.

The room parent coordinator (another parent volunteer) organizes the group of room parents, provides direction on tasks, and provides the monthly PTA news highlighting volunteer opportunities and fundraiser details to be added to your monthly email.  The coordinator supports room parents in building the connections between the classroom and home.

One of the first things a room parent does is organize a classroom social to kick off the school year.  It’s a great way to meet the other families in your child’s classroom and get to know your teachers better.  To organize this initial event the room parents will use email addresses provided by their teacher.  If these tasks and a year-long commitment are something you could do for your child’s classroom, look for details in the Steele Stallion Press in late May.

Funds for room parent tasks should be (and generally are) shared with other parents in the classroom. However, if you’re considering volunteering to be a room parent, please be aware that throughout the year, you may end purchasing miscellaneous items (cards, flowers, party supplies, etc.) for which you might not be reimbursed. If this is a concern, please don’t let it keep you from volunteering; instead, talk with the Room Parent Coordinator.

Contact the 2020-21 Room Parent Coordinator, Heather Kazarian, at

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