S.C.A.T. Update

With fear and frenzy circulating us, it never hurts to take focus off ourselves and consider concern for others to gain a bit of perspective. If helpful, S.C.A.T. has a few suggestions on ways to give back with your kids during this challenging time:

  • Create a ‘Giving Table’ where all are welcome to contribute what they have or take what they need
  • Send thank you cards to medical workers
  • Write encouraging messages outside in sidewalk chalk
  • Help elderly neighbors with grocery/meal deliveries
  • Consider donating to: https://dpsfoundation.org/foodsecurityfund/
  • Pick up trash on your daily walk
  • Please consider donating grocery gift cards for our partner school – Ellis Elementary. We’ve been made aware that like many today, families are out of work and are utilizing DPS food sites daily. If you’d be interested in supporting, please drop or ship grocery gift cards to a no contact box on the porch of 1585 S Vine St. 80210.