Shakespearean Families

Classes that have drama on “B” specials day did their auditions on Tuesday, March 6. These classes now need to get their costumes created and get off book (memorized).

“A” specials day drama classes will hold auditions next Tuesday, March 13 during their regular afternoon drama times. Performers need to be in costume and lines memorized; this is required for auditions. Fourth and fifth graders need to supply their own costumes.

“C” specials day drama classes will hold auditions on Thursday, March 15 during their regular drama classes. Again, performers need to have lines memorized and be in costume.

Every year, DPS students submit a t-shirt design and one is selected to go on the year’s t-shirts. This year the theme is Macbeth and the t-shirts depict the three witches — very cool. More information on how to order is to come.

Shakespeare Challenge Bowl Teams: Every year, the Denver Public Schools’ Shakespeare Festival holds a Shakespeare Challenge Bowl. Schools test their knowledge of Shakespeare’s life and times and the year’s theme play. This year’s theme is Macbeth. Teams of 3 students compete to determine which team is the Shakespearean trivia champion of the year!

Due to absolutely no time during the school day to prepare for the Challenge Bowl, I’m going to run an after school Shakespeare Challenge Bowl Club. The Shakespeare Challenge Bowl Club will meet Mondays from 3:00 – 4:00 starting next Monday, March 12 and going all consecutive school Mondays until the last week of April (Shakespeare Festival week). We will meet in the enrichment room in the southeast stairwell. Students that participate in the club will compete in this year’s Challenge Bowl.

If your child is interested, please send written permission in the form of an e-mail or note with parent signature. Also, please pick up your student promptly at 4:00 on Mondays.

Mr. Miller