Steele Directory Update

Thanks to everyone who has already added/updated/confirmed their family data in MySchoolAnywhere (MSA) for the Steele directory! If yours is a returning family, you should have received an email with instructions. If you didn’t see the email, contact Cynthia Swanson, directory coordinator, at

If yours is a new family, use this link to add your family data:

All family data is due by Friday, September 4, 2015.

Directory Q&A
My child is registered at Steele. Doesn’t that automatically add our family data to the directory? No. The directory is put together by the directory coordinator (a Steele parent volunteer). It’s separate from the DPS registration forms you filled out at school or in the DPS Parent Portal. Adding your family data to the directory is optional, but it’s a great way to stay in touch with other Steele families.

Who has access to the directory? One print directory is given to each Steele family (even families who have not confirmed their family data), as well as to staff. Additional copies will be available for $5. All parents of confirmed families, and all staff, will be granted access to the online directory. Access will be granted after the confirmation deadline (09/04/15). If you added/updated/confirmed your family data, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in. The email goes to each parent for whom there’s an email address in the family record. (Some families have two households, with multiple parents listed.)

What if I only want our family data in the online and/or print directory, but not the other? Or what if I want my email to appear, but not our home address? You can make these and other specifications when you add/update/confirm your data. The system walks you through the steps, but if you have questions, contact

I heard that volunteer signups will also be available in MySchoolAnywhere. How do I log in and sign up for a job? During the directory confirmation process, this feature is not available, because no parents have access to the entire directory database at this time. However, MSA allows us to send an email to each confirmed parent in the system, with a unique link (specific to that parent’s email) to available volunteer positions. Keep an eye out for this email; our goal is to have it to you before the first PTA meeting on September 8.

If you have other questions, contact Thanks!