Our amazing Steele Staff will be on the sidewalk at these locations on Thursday May 14 from 4-5pm. Let’s create a parade to show our love and appreciation by driving by in your vehicle. There are 3 locations – go to one or all – at some point between 4-5pm and drive by, wave, honk, sing, whatever you like – from your vehicle. (Social distancing still happening.)

K/1 Team – Dawson House 1251 S Corona St Denver
2/3 Team – Sweeney House 1585 S Vine St Denver
4/5 Team – Pigford House 6640 E Eastman Av, Denver CO 80224
Specials and support teams will choose one of the above locations!

For the Dawson and Sweeney houses, the easiest parade route is from North to South. For the Pigford house, come in off Monaco, turn left at the stop sign and then immediate right, you’ll loop around from there.
Contact Ali Sweeney with any questions.