Steele’s Back Parking Lot

I want to start by acknowledging that I know parking in Denver can be a frustrating experience. The challenges of parking have taken a toll on our staff. We have 42 spots in our staff parking lot and 44 staff members (and that doesn’t include interns). Parking is becoming more and more difficult and can also be dangerous at drop-off.

I would like to request that parents do not park in the back parking lot or use it as a kiss-and-drop area. We do have a kiss-and-drop area in front of the school. This has been used more effectively than in years past. I’m requesting that families currently using the parking lot would instead use the kiss-and-drop in front of the school.

As I stated above, I know parking is a challenge at Steele. However, it’s important that the staff parking lot is reserved for staff members.

I’m willing to meet with parents or anyone else who is interested in forming a committee to review and improve our parking procedures.

Thanks for your help with this matter and for all that you do.

-Kevin Greeley