Strike Information

Dear Steele Families,

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced on Wednesday they will not intervene in the ProComp contract negotiations between DPS and DCTA. Soon after, DCTA announced the teachers’ strike will begin on Monday, February 11. There is a negotiation session scheduled between the parties on Friday. Hopefully a mutually agreed upon contract comes out of this session.

We are taking proactive measures and have sent out requests for substitute teachers to fill in for our teachers who plan to participate in the strike. We anticipate the number of teachers striking to be 21 of 24. We want to let you know that school will not look or feel like a normal day. We have worked to create a plan that includes two substitute teachers per grade level in anticipation that we will not get subs for all of our classrooms. If we do not get enough substitutes, we will divide students in each grade level into two groups/classrooms. The size of these groups will depend on the number of students in attendance. We are preparing for groups as large as 40-45 students with each substitute teacher.

It would be helpful to know if you plan to send your child/children to school should a strike occur. Please help us by taking this very brief Survey.

What will the day look like?
Substitute teachers will use both the lesson plans provided by the district, as well as plans teachers have provided, to engage students in learning. The content will not align with what the students have been working on in their classrooms; however, it will align with the academic standards for K/1 or 2/3 or 4/5. The primary focus will be on Literacy and Math. We will have four Specials for students: PE, Music, Arts & Crafts, Library, which could include Story Time, Research, or Technology. Students will participate in two specials per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Buses will continue to run as normal on strike days.
Enrichments will also continue as normal.

Here are some of the measures we will be taking to keep our students safe:

We will have students enter the building starting at 7:50 am. We will follow normal Inside Arrival procedures:

  • Students in grades K-2 will report to the cafeteria.
  • Students in grades 3-5 will report to the auditorium.

Students will be organized by grade level and dismissed to the supervision of their substitute teacher.

We will dismiss from the classrooms instead of outside to ensure the safety of our students. This means parents/guardians will need to come inside and pick their child/children up in the classroom. We will have staff available to help parents in knowing where to pick their child up.
In order for a student to walk home after school without a parent/guardian, please email Melissa at or Yolanda at

Our para professionals who know our lunch/recess procedures will provide lunch and recess supervision. Our substitute teachers will also provide supervision during this time.

We know the idea of our amazing teachers not being here with your child/children is a concern for you. Deciding to strike was an incredibly difficult decision for our teachers. They love their students and our school. Those of us who are not part of the teachers’ association (Melissa, Yolanda, our paras, Qendrim, our food service staff, and me) have shared how much we care about them and support their decision to advocate for themselves. We all thank YOU for supporting our Steele staff.

Please email Melissa, Yolanda or me if you have questions about the strike day(s).

Thank you for supporting our teachers and our school.