Student Recognition

Steele Code Leaders
Steele Code Leaders are students identified by teachers, staff, and peers for consistently exemplifying the Steele Code and obtaining 4′s on their Steele Code Rubric. These students are recognized at the monthly all-school assemblies. In addition to being role models for their choices, attitude, and work ethic, Steele Code Leaders have further leadership opportunities: being tech ninjas, helping with announcements, raising and lowering the flag, organizing books in the library, and assisting with the compost program. At the year’s final assembly, one Steele Code Leader from each grade level is awarded the Steele Stallion–the highest honor for student behavior.

Caught in the Act
Steele has a unique way of celebrating students at Steele in addition to Steele Code Leaders. Students who are “caught” exemplifying one of our Steele values – empathy, integrity, growth mindset, or accountability – will receive a “Caught in the Act” ticket. Students may place their ticket in a bowl in the office and 10 students will be randomly picked each Wednesday morning. Students chosen will have their names called on the morning announcements and will be part of a group picture that will be posted in the Steele Stallion Press.