Talent Show Auditions: March 11-15th

Talent Show Audition days are 3/11-3/15 from 3:30 to 5:30pm. There are no scheduled times this year. We will go in the order of arrival just like open auditions. Please check the Steele website to verify your student’s day for auditions. Make sure to notify Melissa if your student will not be attending auditions.

Here are the expectations for the week:

  • Students trying out and the judges will be the only people in the library at time of audition.
  • It must be quiet in the hall. Please bring a book, I-Pad, homework, etc. to pass the time.
  • Students may not wander the building. They must remain in line.
  • All adults and students are to be respectful of those around them and during the audition.
  • Please prepare your child – there are 75 acts trying out, and we can only take 28 acts for the entire show.
  • Make sure to have fun!