• What are all these tests my child takes, and how do I read all these test scores? Click here to learn about the body of evidence (BoE) tests and scores.
Your child’s scores should be reported on Parent Portal. You can also call or e-mail your child’s teacher to see their results.

Below are the directions to look your child’s scores up in Parent Portal:

Go to
Enter your user name and password (these were sent to you via e-mail).
If you have multiple children, go to the “my students” tab on the top left to view another child.

If you do not have access to parent portal or lost your password, please e-mail

  • How do I interpret my student’s DPS Standards Based Progress Report?
On your student’s progress report, you will see standards with a grade of 1-4 next to them or possibly a NA. A common misconception that is made when reviewing the progress report is to assign an “old school” letter grade in place of the number. A 4 does not coincide with an A and a 3 does not coincide with a B (and so on down the line).

  • A score of 4 means that the student is on track to be significantly above grade level. This usually correlates with being able to complete work that is one grade level higher than the grade they are currently in.
  • A score of 3 means that the student is proficient in their understanding of the standard and on track to have it mastered at the end of the year.
  • A score of 2 means that the student is approaching proficiency towards a standard. This will mean that the student has some of the skills to complete grade level tasks. In some instances the student can demonstrate proficiency in the standard with some support, in other instances the student can demonstrate proficiency in the standard on an inconsistent basis.
  • A score of 1 means that the student is having great difficulty in achieving the standard.
  • How do I help my student meet the Common Core Standards at home?
DPS has created a fairly comprehensive resource that will help families navigate different aspects of the Common Core. Academic Resources for the Common Core at home can be found here.

2014/2015 State-Required Assessments

DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment)
This assessment is given to all grade levels (except kindergartners) in the fall. Kindergartners are given a task analysis in the fall, which assesses pre-reading skills. The DRA consists of students reading books and being able to answer a variety of questions about the book they’ve read. The teacher also listens to the student read, to assess the student’s reading rate and accuracy. The DRA is given to kindergarteners in December, and is repeated for all students in May.

PARCC (Partnership for Readiness of College Careers)
The PARCC assessment is the new TCAP/CSAP. It will be given to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Students will be assessed in Literacy and Math. These assessments will be given on the computer.

PARCC has combined reading and writing into a literacy assessment. It also assesses students in math. There are two rounds of PARCC testing that students will take. The first is a Performance Based Assessment (PBA); students will take this in March. The second round of assessments is an End of Year (EOY) assessment that students will take in late April and early May.

Performance based assessments (PBA):
In literacy, this will involve analyzing literature and a narrative writing task. Students will read texts and write several pieces to demonstrate they can read and understand sufficiently complex texts independently; write effectively when using and analyzing sources; and build and communicate knowledge by integrating, comparing and synthesizing ideas.
In math, students will be asked to solve problems involving the key knowledge and skills for their grade level (as identified by the CCSS), express mathematical reasoning and construct a mathematical argument, and apply concepts to solve model real-world problems.

End of year assessments (EOY):
All students will take this at the end of the school year. The results will be combined with the performance-based assessment to produce a student’s summative assessment score. For the end of year assessment students will demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge by answering computer based, machine scorable questions.

In the beginning of the 2014/2015 school, year the staff took PARCC practice tests to better understand what our students will be expected to know. We did notice that the PARCC assessment requires our students to have greater reading stamina, possess greater inferring skills and have a better understanding of how to solve multi-step problems (in both math and literacy). We are working hard to increase the rigor in our classrooms to prepare our students for this shift. I’ve included a link to the practice assessments, I encourage you to take the assessment to get an idea for what your child is expected to know and also to see if you are, “smarter than a 4th grader”.

CMAS (Colorado Measure of Academic Success)
CMAS will be used to assess students’ mastery of Social Studies and Science concepts. The Social Studies assessment will be given to 4th graders and the Science assessment will be given to 5th graders. Both assessments will be given in April. These assessments are computer-based.

2014/2015 District-Required Assessments

PlanningDaysLiteracy and Math interim assessments
These assessments are given at the end of September, the beginning of December, and the end of April. They are assessments that help us track student progress in regards to the DPS curriculum and Common Core State Standards. The first round of interim assessments will be given next week. We will complete this round of interim testing by Friday, October 10. The staff will grade and analyze the interim assessments on our teacher planning days, October 20 and 21. Grades 1 through 5 are given a literacy assessment; grades K through 5 are given the math assessment.

Music, Physical Education and Art assessments
Each subject area gives a pre and a post-test. The pre-test for each subject area is given during the second and third week of school. The post-test will be given to students at the end of April.

Every grade level does not take subject area tests. The grades and corresponding subjects are listed below:
2nd grade-Music
4th grade-Art
5th grade-Physical Education