Visual Arts News

The art room will be open during conference times to come view your child’s Art Portfolio, October 30th, November 1st and 2nd from 3:00 to 6:30pm. I hope you will take the time to come to the art room to view their wonderful Art.

4/5th grade have begun their photography unit. We will be going to Wash Park the week of Oct. 16th through the 23rd. We will be viewing and critiquing professional photographers’ work as well as our own. Students will be learning about Chris Brown, John Weller, and Ansell Adams

3rd graders have been learning about the artists Hokusai, Paul Gauguin, Paul Klee and Alighiero e Boetti. They have created a handmade book that includes their own original art work in the style of the artist they have learned about.

2nd graders have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. However, we have turned their artwork into Spooky Starry Night. Students have learned about oil resistant techniques, puffy paint, and layering different mediums along with elements of art. Ms. Allison’s second graders began a weaving unit. They are creating woven fall trees.

1st graders are continuing to learn how to use different artist tools. We are discussing color theory and mixing colors along with value tints and shades. We have also begun to talk about critiquing famous art works and our own.

Kinders are learning about using various lines that can turn into Monsters from the book “Where The Wild Things Are?” We are using warm and cool colors.

I do hope to see you in the art room during conferences to view your child’s Portfolio.

Miriam Ungar
Steele Visual Arts Teacher