Home Tour: Volunteer with Friends!

Saturday, May 9 from 10AM-2PM

One of the most fun ways to be part of the Wash Park Home Tour is as a House Monitor, which you can do with your Steele friends. Each house on the tour needs 8-9 volunteers per morning and afternoon shift to act as ambassadors and direct guests through the home.

We’ve assigned certain classrooms to each house, so you can be sure that if you sign up to be a House Monitor, you’ll be volunteering with people you know.

Just visit Membership Tool Kit and look for the House Monitor shift with your classroom teacher’s last name included in the heading. The shift assigned to your class could be in the morning or afternoon, so be sure to check both the AM and PM listings when you sign up to volunteer. Please note that you may also choose a shift/home not assigned to your class if that works better for you. For more information, please contact Nisha Ashley at steelevp1@gmail.com.