We Need Your Help

Dear Amazing Steele Families,

At Steele, our incredible community has a history of financial support and volunteer involvement that responds directly to the needs of our teachers, students, and school programs. Year after year, we have renewed our commitment to creating a school that reflects our shared values of meeting the needs of all students and providing our kids with a rich education that includes drama, visual arts and music.

This year, more than ever, we need to stay committed and involved. We need to stay Steele Strong.

In years past, we have come together at the Fall Fundraiser and the Wash Park Home Tour, to celebrate our school and raise funds for the people and programs that we value. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have to postpone and/or cancel these major fundraising events. While we look forward to those events in the future, this year, we must depend on generous direct donations and sponsorships.

Due to budget cuts, the economic impacts of Covid-19, and families choosing private school over public school, our need for fundraising is especially serious. As a result, Steele Elementary may not have the funding to continue operating at current staff levels and may have to reduce or eliminate a portion of our specials programming that makes our school especially unique. Your 100% tax deductible contribution will support the following:

● Ensure our home room teacher positions remain fully funded
● Full time Music and Art
● Drama Program
● Gifted and Talented
● Special Education

Let’s come together now, as we always have, and support the school that means so much to each of our families. Let’s come together now to ensure Steele’s legacy continues.

We are looking for 100% participation in the Steele Strong fundraising campaign for all Steele families – whatever that means for you and your family. The PTA and Steele Elementary have a goal of raising $200,000 through the direct ask campaign to cover the additional costs needed to keep Steele Strong! If you are able, please make your gift by Halloween, so the school can plan for another successful year full of learning, growth and creativity for our kids. You can visit bit.ly/SteeleDonation or send a check made out to Steele PTA to Steele Elementary, 320 S Marion Pkwy, Denver CO 80209. Also, please visit steelepta.org to learn more about the work of the PTA, its sponsors, and to become a member of the Steele PTA. We greatly appreciate your generosity during this challenging time.

With gratitude,
Nisha Ashley and Jaime Livaditis
Steele Elementary PTA Co-Presidents 2020-21

PS: Do you work for a corporation that has a matching gift program? You may increase the impact of your gift through your employer!
PPS: Please share the Steele Strong fundraising campaign with any family or friends who support your child’s love of learning.