Wine Wall Donations

Hello Steele Parents!

We are a Mom crew of three writing to ask for your (small) support for a new activity at the Masquerade fundraiser this year. It is called “The Wine Wall” — and involves picking out a *mystery* bottle of wine from a huge collection of disguised wine bottles, all of which is donated to the event by Steele families.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to ‘pitch in’ for the party (besides attending of course!) please consider donating a bottle of wine. The only requirements are that the bottle retails for $20 or more, and that we receive it in the next 10 days! Other than that, anything goes! Get creative, surprise someone and go fancy, or go with an old favorite!

You can drop your donated wine off at the school front office with a note that says “Wine Wall Donation”.

Thanks for considering supporting. See you at the Masquerade Party!

Jenine Camins
Daniela Meltzer
Melissa Peterson