Words Couldn’t Do It Justice

As we wrap up another amazing school year I am obviously feeling a bit more reflective than usual. And yet as I try to write my last Steele Stallion message I am drawing a complete blank. How do I put into words an amazing 5 years where I grew not only as a professional but as a human-being? I am humbled by your intelligence, your commitment to Steele, to doing what is right, and your ability to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done.

Steele was an amazing school when I started here 5 years ago and I believe it is an amazing school now. I am also positive it will be an amazing school when I am gone. In some way this knowledge is humbling, like the vastness of the universe, and in others it makes me that much more thankful that I was able to be your principal. There are still many days when I walk through the doors and think, “I can’t believe I am the principal of Steele Elementary!” The stellar reputation of Steele’s students, staff and parents is known throughout the metro area. When I told my sister that I was switching jobs she said, “But I love bragging to people that you are the Principal of Steele Elementary School.” (She doesn’t even have kids). Thank you for letting me serve you.

Tim Welch told me, “Once you’re a Stallion, you’re always a Stallion.” I want to thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing family. Steele will always have a special place in my heart.

This is an amazing school, community and yes family. I am excited to share what I have learned as I move on through the world and DPS.

Thanks for all you do!

-Kevin Greeley