What are all these tests my child takes, and how do I read all these test scores? Learn about the body of evidence (BoE) tests and scores.

Your child’s scores should be reported on Parent Portal. You can also call or e-mail your child’s teacher to see their results.

Below are the directions to look your child’s scores up in Parent Portal:

How do I interpret my student’s DPS Standards Based Progress Report?

On your student’s progress report, you will see standards with a grade of 1-4 next to them or possibly a NA. A common misconception that is made when reviewing the progress report is to assign an “old school” letter grade in place of the number. A 4 does not coincide with an A and a 3 does not coincide with a B (and so on down the line).

How do I help my student meet the Common Core Standards at home?

DPS has created a fairly comprehensive resource that will help families navigate different aspects of the Common Core. Learn more about Academic Resources for the Common Core at home.