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In partnership with our community, Steele’s mission is to provide children with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to become productive citizens in a dynamic and diverse society. We seek high academic achievement by providing a challenging environment and by fostering cooperation between students. Steele offers multi-age classes for 4th and 5th grade students, four different electives and two educators in every classroom.

Thank you to the following Steele supporters!

Dance Volunteers: Crissy Lucado, Laura Mauck, Andra Homas, Maureen Dube-Savage, Nikki Dawson, Deb Ross, Courtney (C.B.) Hamrick, Kristen Arigoni, Liesl Roesch, Mary Guisinger, Shaleen DeStefano, Carrie Gibson
Havana Nights Volunteers: Amy St. John, Jen Freeman, Carrie Newton, Shaleen DeStefano, Jane Henderson, JJ Dresden, Giselle Monaghan, Jenny Cargile, Jodie Uhl, Crissy Lucado, Courtney Stuart, Mary Beth Thacker, Juli Esposito, Stacy Crum, Colleen Joseph, Kathryn Sorrells, Matt Finn, Monique VanAssche-Dermer (Mad Studio), Allison Mengel, Renee Krause and the Cigar Sales Ladies, Erin Jones, Tim Glomb, David Kottcamp, Erica Spoor, Jessica Kottcamp, Jake Dresden, Rebekah Marcus